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The thought of having bugs in the house is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. Often the best way to get rid of a pest infestation is by calling in a professional extermination service to fumigate your home. If you need to have your house fumigated, follow these steps to get prepared for it.

Find Temporary Housing

You will not be able to be in your house during the fumigation process and for a few days afterward. So, make arrangements for everyone in the house to stay with a friend or family member for two or three days. If you do not have anyone who can put you up while your house is being fumigated, make reservations at a local hotel. Do not forget about your pets. All pets, including fish, will also need to be temporarily relocated. As a safeguard, remove all of your plants, too.

Open Interior Doors

Before you temporarily leave your home, walk through the house and open any interior doors. Leaving these spaces open will allow the fumigant to get into all of the spaces. Open every interior door in your house including doors on closets, drawers, appliances and safes. You do not want any part of your house to be left untreated.

Tightly Seal Anything Consumable

The extermination company you choose should provide Nylofume™ bags that are ideal for safely sealing food items to protect them from the fumigation treatment. Seal anything that is not in an air-tight container. Consumables in unopened bottles, jars or cans can remain safely unsealed. Do not forget to seal pet food, dental products and medications as well.

Make Sure Mulch and Gravel are at Least One Foot Away From the Foundation

Mulch and gravel need to be raked back to about one foot away from your foundation to prepare for the fumigation tent. If any plants or flowers are in the way, the fumigator will help you determine how to protect them.

Leave Your Keys

Before you leave your home, leave a spare set of keys for the fumigation professional. Make sure you leave keys for every area of the house that needs to be accessed. The fumigator will enable a secondary lock system so no one can come into the house during the fumigation process. Check with your fumigator about when you can return to the house, as no one may enter until the process is complete and the fumigator gives an all-clear signal.

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