Even if you don’t have termites, you should have your home regularly inspected. You will generally have to do an inspection if you are selling or buying a house, but all homeowners should think about having a termite inspection done at least annually.

How often should I have a termite inspection?

Annually. Termites are pretty slow to infest and damage a house, but if you have recently had an infestation, you will want to get your property looked at every 3-4 months for a while afterwards.

Should I do it myself or get a professional?

Unlike many other pests, termites are something that it is usually not a good idea to try to deal with yourself. They are hard to kill, they often re-infest homes unless treatment is done professionally, and they can infest parts of the home that are difficult to inspect. I would not suggest relying on your own skills, no matter how much of a handyman you are to complete a termite inspection or treatment of your home. Have a licensed termite professional inspect your home and provide treatment for you.

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