Unless they have been personally impacted by them, most people don’t give bedbugs much thought. But once you experience a bedbug invasion for yourself, you will know that it’s a nightmare that can cause a lot of stress and emotional discomfort. Although some people don’t take steps to protect themselves, this oversight is a mistake that you will not want to make. Bedbugs might be hard to manage, but learning as much as you can about them is a smart move that can reduce your odds of an invasion. You will need to understand them, what they look like and how they spread.

Bedbug Appearance

Some people would have been able to stop an invasion if they had only known how to identify a bedbug. If you have never seen one of them, you are likely to dismiss it as another type of insect, but learning to spot them will provide you with an added layer of protection. Baby bedbugs are so tiny that you might not be able to see them, but they are white in color and have flat bodies. It’s only after they feed for the first time that they will start to appear brown, but an adequately fed adult is red. Also, the flat body of a bedbug will expand and become round after it gets a fresh meal.

How Bedbugs Spread

Understanding how bedbugs spread is another piece of the puzzle that will help keep you safe from these harmful pests. When you enter a building that is overrun with bedbugs, some of the bedbugs will try to get on your clothes, hitching a ride back to your home. Once they get into your house, it won’t take them long to find a place to nest. Also, people who have bedbugs can bring them to your home when they visit.

Bedbug Behavior

There are many myths about bedbugs and why they invade the locations that they target, but most of the myths are false. For example, some people say that bedbugs only target areas that have a lot of clutter, but they will be happy to infest a building no matter how clean it is. This is because bedbugs are only interested in getting a host that they can use for blood meals on a regular basis. When you fall asleep, they will use your body heat and the carbon dioxide from your breath to find you. Bites can leave behind marks, but most of the damage from bedbugs is psychological. Since bedbugs are resistant to most pesticides, getting rid of them is all but impossible without the proper training.


If you are currently facing a bedbug infestation or think that you might have been exposed to them, you won’t want to waste any time. When you need a solution on which you can depend, call Termagon right away, and our team will answer your questions and address your concerns to give you peace of mind. With our experience and training, we know the exact steps to take to remove bedbugs before they can cause any more harm, and we look forward to working with you.

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