Taking Action Against a Bee Infestation

A bee infestation is a problem to be carefully considered and effectively treated. As pollinators, bees are a central part of our environment. However, an infestation in your home causes many health and structural risks that must be addressed. Read the steps below to educate yourself on the dangers of a bee infestation and the most productive way to remove them without harming the ecosystem through extermination.

Understand the Danger

If you see a huddle of bees on your house or tree, it is time to watch carefully. If the clump of bees are huddled together on an outer wall or tree trunk, you may simply have a swarm that will move on within a couple of days. Keep your distance, and you will be fine. If you see many bees moving about your home, especially around roof eaves or corners of siding, you have a threat on your hands that cannot be ignored.

Bees are highly intelligent insects that can even count and have their own language through movements. There can be up to 35,000 of these highly organized creatures within a single nest. They will aggressively defend their territory. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to their attacks. A bee sting will release Apitoxin that can cause swelling and pain, or even cause anaphylactic shock for those that are allergic.

It is important that a hive is removed as well as its inhabitants. The weight of the hive itself can cause structural damage. A hive attracts secondary infestations of other insects and rodents. A decaying beehive will stink and can even leak honey and wax, causing an unsightly mess. The threat must be removed.

Call on the Professional

Once you understand the extent of the danger and assess your situation, you are ready to contact a professional. It is vital to partner with someone who is especially trained in the extraction of a bee infestation. While it may be tempting to try to rid yourself of the threat on your own, this is not wise. Bee extraction requires specialized equipment such as bee suits, smokers, and vacuums. The process for removing the nest itself is complex and risky if attempted by someone who is not properly trained.

When you are facing the complex issue of a bee infestation, call on Termagon Pest Control. We have the respect for our environment, trained professionals, and specialized equipment required to address your need. Call to schedule an appointment with us today.