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Owning a home is an excellent asset. However, it is also a significant responsibility. One of the greatest threats to your household is a pest infestation. Pest can bite, sting, spread disease and destroy buildings, lowering your homes resale value. However, with the right pest service, this problem can be handled efficiently and in a short period of time. Pest control is something that every homeowner with a pest problem should invest in before the problem gets out of hand.


It only takes a few pests to make their way into your house. Then, in a matter of days, a colony can begin, and your house becomes infested. Rats and mice can come into your home through any opening larger than their heads. They can also chew through wood and build tunnels inside your walls. Bed bugs can latch onto clothes and blankets, entering your house without your knowledge. However, when pests get into your home, you need to get them out as soon as possible.

If not exterminated, pests can spread diseases around the house, creating an unhealthy environment. Rodents and ants are attracted to places where food is stored and leave germs which cause diseases like E. Coli and Salmonella.

Home Damage

Not only can pests threaten the health of a house’s occupants, but they can also threaten the house itself. Rodents and specific kind of bees can eat through wood and damage the structural integrity of a building. Termites are especially destructive. They are difficult to get rid of, they work stealthily, and they feed on cellulose and organic fibers found in wood, which means that they can weaken wooden beams irreparably in only a few months.

Aside from these substantive issues, pests are simply unpleasant to have around. Psychologically, having pests in your house can cause anxiety and worsen not only your physical health but your mental health as well. With all of these problems created by pests, if there are not taken care of quickly, the value of your home could suffer.


There are many things that can inconvenience homeowners. Pests should not be included in that list, especially when having them exterminated is a simple task. A pest infestation is too ruinous to be ignored, and you should have them controlled without delay. Contact Termagon today for a free quote