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In most cases, bees are not pests. They pollinate flowers, buzz around and generally do not bother humans unless they are provoked. Wasps, however, are often aggressive and generally lumped into the same category as bees. If you see a few bees around your home or business, it is not a cause for concern. Even… Read more »

Termagon Termite & Pest Control Blog Lice infestation will cause an itchy scalp and various skin conditions, including eczema and allergies. You may also become allergic to soap and shampoo. For that reason, it is essential to know how to check and diagnose lice. What do Lice Look Like? Spotting a small, white louse in… Read more »

Termagon Termite & Pest Control Blog It can be somewhat difficult to realize that you have a termite infestation in your home if you do not know what signs to look for. Here at Termagon Termite and Pest Control we have experience identifying the signs of a termite problem. Here are some signs that you have a termite infestation. … Read more »

Termagon Termite & Pest Control Blog As a basic rule for thoughtful landlords, a high priority should be placed on pest control. The implied warranty of habitability guarantees that rental properties are to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness and safety. The unexpected presence of pests can certainly cause issues with upholding that promise and keeping… Read more »

Termagon Termite & Pest Control Blog A big nesting and breeding area for pests are kitchens. Kitchens have easy and quick access to food and water, which is essential for insects and rodents to survive. So, it is no surprise that the kitchen is a pest control warzone. Before your home becomes infested with pesky… Read more »

Termagon Termite & Pest Control Blog As a small business owner, you are dealing with far too many ‘what if’s’, and protecting your business from pests during lockdown should not leave you feeling uncertain. Surprisingly, you can protect your business from bugs and other pestilent threats with ease–and without spending more than a few dollars.… Read more »