Apache Junction is a scenic area, and it is located in the area that is considered to be a part of the greater Phoenix metropolitan region. There are the Goldfield Mountains to the north, and the famous Goldfield Ghost Town lies just to the west. The area is an arid desert climate, and this can lead to the presence of certain types of pests. Residential homes and business properties can both be affected if a pest migration occurs. Small insects and bugs will often seek to escape the hot summer months, and they might find their way into areas populated by humans when seeking water and food.

Residential Pest Control

Residents may require pest control services to protect their loved ones from the health problems associated with many insects, rodents and spiders. These are small critters that can get into the home by using small openings that are invisible to most untrained people. Once they get inside, they will often seek areas that are dark and warm in order to build a nest and survive the outdoor temperatures. This means that the pest infestation could be occurring without the homeowner’s knowledge. We maintain a strict protocol for eliminating them from your home, and this is designed to reduce the inconvenience you might experience during the process.

Commercial Pest Control

Business owners or managers must maintain a high standard of cleanliness in order to keep their businesses open and accessible to the public. Any sign of a pest infestation can reflect poorly on the business. In a small community, it is important to consider the effect of any news that a pest infestation is occurring. Our pest control experts are fully aware of the need for business owners to detect and eliminate pests without drawing undo attention to the process. Our services include a comprehensive inspection that will reveal the presence of any pest on your property.

We hire only the most courteous and qualified pest control experts to provide pest removal services:

Termagon Termite & Pest Control

Our company has been servicing the pest elimination needs of this area since 1995, and we treat you like an extension of our own business. Pest control is an essential part of any residential or commercial property management plan. Pests can compromise the health and wellness of anyone in their vicinity, so it is important to work with a company that has a history of effective solutions. Our experienced professionals understand how to use the best techniques and products to keep your commercial facility or residential property free from pests all year. To get a free quote on any of our exceptional pest control services, contact us today.