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As a basic rule for thoughtful landlords, a high priority should be placed on pest control. The implied warranty of habitability guarantees that rental properties are to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness and safety. The unexpected presence of pests can certainly cause issues with upholding that promise and keeping tenants satisfied.

But, there are more significant goals that can be achieved through pest control other than avoiding a time-consuming and costly pest infestation. Keep reading to learn why investing in pest control can be incredibly beneficial in maximizing the profitability of your rental properties.

Getting Quality Tenants

Attracting the right tenant is vital to your financial success as a landlord. A tenant act as a partner representing your brand. Poor behavior, cleanliness issues, and complaints from neighbors can tarnish your reputation and call for costly repairs. Tenants who pay on time and maintain their space properly add to the appeal of your rental spaces and save you a lot of time and money.

Quality tenants look for similarly quality landlords and the provided amenities and services stand out as they consider their options. Providing pest control shows a dedication to accountability and responsiveness. It indicates to prospective tenants that you care about the quality of life the home provides and renting from you will seem that much more attractive.

Keeping Your Tenants Longer

Nothing can make tenants lose faith in a living arrangement like the appearance of pests. Minor functional issues like leaky faucets or loud refrigerators can be fixed quickly and definitively with little harm done. But a cockroach, ant trail, or mouse droppings are awful discoveries that make people feel vulnerable, afraid, and even a little helpless. It’s an invasion that creates a feeling of distrust of the home itself.

As a landlord, tenant retention is far more financially beneficial than turnover. During downtime between leases, cleaning costs, repairs, and general maintenance costs can accrue in preparation for the next renter. Your rental income stops but the mortgage, utilities and contractor fees continue to add up. Effective pest prevention methods provide a safer, more comfortable haven and support a more positive relationship built on appreciation and trust, which in turn encourages tenant retention.

Contact Pest Control Professionals

We understand how significant a well-maintained property is for peace of mind for both landlords and tenants. Confidence in the investment is the key to creating a mutually beneficial relationship with your renters. Our trained technicians take great pride in providing lasting quality and genuine satisfaction for our customers through a professional approach you can trust. Call Termagon today to learn more about how quality pest control can help you add value to your rental properties.