Tucson, Arizona is a city for the young and the young at heart. The college town hosts the top-ranked University of Arizona and many retirees who’ve discovered the appeal of the city during their golden years. Technology-based businesses that are linked to the local U.S. Air Force base and the university call Tucson home. The city attracts residents who love outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and rock climbing. Unfortunately, it also appeals to common pests that can impair human health, destroy building structures, and cause general discomfort. Here are some things that you need to know about pest control in Tucson and how Termagon Termite & Pest Control can help you during a pest outbreak.

Residential Pest Control

Pests are a problem for Tucson homeowners whether you’re dining on an outdoor patio or snacking indoors. Besides being embarrassing guests at your dinner parties, ants contaminate food and food preparation areas with pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus.

Ants present a unique pest control challenge. They can enter through various cracks in your home, and they eat a variety of things that include vegetables, meats, and other insects. When they have infested your home, any food items on counters, stove tops, or tables are targeted in short order.

Certain ant species such as carpenter ants cause damage to your home’s structure. These ants burrow in wood to create nests for their colonies. They have a special appreciation for moisture-damaged wood. Termagon Termite & Pest Control uses integrated pest management methods to deliver custom pest control solutions for you and your family.

Commercial Pest Control

Your tenants deserve the best, and you strive to keep your commercial property safe and looking great. You regularly treat your real estate investment to painting, cleaning, and landscaping services that improve its function and curb appeal. However, some hazards such as termite damage are unseen and costly. Termites multiply quickly, and they can destroy your building’s wood framing in just a few short years. Termagon Termite & Pest Control has the knowledge and tools to detect and remove termites in your warehouse, office building, or other commercial facility.

Our Pest Services:

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Termagon Termite & Pest Control helps Tucson home and business owners to protect their investments and regain the full use of their properties. The company has delivered effective, fast, and safe pest control solutions to residents and business owners in Pima County since 1995. If you have a pest problem at your home or business, contact Termagon Termite & Pest Control for a free quote on service.