Arizona is a state with unique pest control challenges in every county. We’re glad to be serving many of our counties with superior service. From cockroaches and other common pests in every state, to scorpions and bees we’ve got your back.  The process for each one is so specific that we have technicians for them all. We constantly educate them on the latest techniques in eradication. Call us today for your pest control in Red Rock. 

Bed Bug Control in Red Rock

Bed bugs are a disturbing pest. They lay waiting for you in your own bed at night and leave welts on your body that can itch so much, you can get a secondary infection. Those that are immunosuppressed should address the situation. Noone should use home methods to treat bed bugs. The eggs will hatch sometime later and you’ll have the issue again. Call us today for a bed bug inspection, assessment and eradication. 

Residential Pest Control in Red Rock

Your home is the largest investment you’ll make. Protecting it from invading infestations is important because some pests like termites, ants and rodents are destructive. Yes, even ants can ruin the structure. Pests and infestations are a quick way to lower the value of your home. The cost of termite repair and treatment has reached billions of dollars in the US.Don’t be one of them. Get proactive now and call us for your residential pest control today. 

Bee Control Red Rock

Bees can be harmful for a structure and for your health if stung. If you have a honeybee hive it’s illegal to move them yourself and dangerous. You can’t exterminate them yourself legally either. They are endangered. Bees must be dealt with on your property. If someone is stung on your property you could get sued or forced to have them removed. Call us and avoid the hassle for your bee control solutions today.