Marana, AZ, is known for its hot summers, with highs in the triple digits, and its relatively cool winters. Being in a semi-arid climate, residents don’t have to worry much about humidity. Still, it’s important not to let one’s guard down because pests are as much attracted to this area as to any other. At Termagon Termite & Pest Control, we’ve been serving this area since 1995, so we know what kind of pests are common here. Allow us to tell you about three in particular.


These insects like to irritate homeowners who want to have some fun in their backyard, and their bites can lead to itchy skin, but that’s not all. Mosquitoes are notorious for carrying viruses, and they can transmit everything from malaria to yellow fever to the Zika virus through their bites. They spread quickly and lay anywhere from 100 to 200 eggs at one time.

If you have any tall grasses or shrubs on your property, that may have encouraged mosquitoes to migrate there. You may have also provided them with standing water to breed in; they’re drawn to pools, rain collection systems, old tires, and even water dishes for pets. Before calling us in, you can make your own inspection and eliminate any water sources. We also recommend using repellent and wearing light-colored clothing; dark colors seem to attract these pests.


Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs can dwell even in the most hygienic environments. However, they’re most often picked up at hotels and motels; being good stowaways, they’ll latch on to your clothes or luggage without your knowing it. Since they prefer warm, snug places and feed on human blood, they often migrate to the bed. They’re nocturnal feeders, but you’ll find them in the day if they’re really hungry. Their bites sometimes don’t hurt at first, but after a week they can develop into welts.

They can leave behind some signs of their presence: for example, shed skin, excrement, and spots that are in reality crushed bedbugs. If you suspect these pests are inside, one thing you should never do is throw out the mattress. Neither should you sleep in a different room, as the bedbugs will follow you; you’ll then have two colonies to worry about. Have us come over for an inspection.


Drywood termites can fly into your property and nest in dry wood structures like furniture and attic beams. As they eat, they’ll eject their feces, combined with wood and termite body parts, out of their nest. This pile of frass, as it’s called, should alert anyone to their presence.

These aren’t the worst termites, though. Subterranean termites are the kind that nests underground and comes up to feed on wet or decayed wood. They’ll hollow out your structures and rapidly spread through the creation of mud tubes. They’re not winged, but they develop alates during swarming time. Together with mud tubes, their discarded wings are a sure sign you have an invasion. You don’t want to wait until you hear a rustling behind your walls to get service.

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