Green Valley is a pleasant and scenic part of Pima County, Arizona. It is a small town, and the low population density makes it an idyllic area for recreation or retirement. The general climate is semi-arid, and this area is considered to be a hot desert climate. There are three major seasons, which include a dry summer and a moderate winter. It is unusual because of the monsoon season that occurs from July to September every year. The introduction of large quantities of moisture are likely to raise the chances of a pest infestation, and this is something that can affect every resident and business owner. During this time, it is good to create a plan for controlling pest infestations before they spread quickly to neighbors.

Residential Pest Control

Homeowners in Green Valley can benefit from obtaining pest control services from a company that understands the local climate and social environment. Our service professionals are well-versed in a variety of methods for controlling the most common pests found in this region. We also know how to find them when they are hiding in your home. They often enter through small cracks and openings, and we can find these areas and prevent additional pests from getting through. We can maintain the benefits of pest control so that your family is safe from disease-carrying insects and rodents all year. Protect the health of your family members by planning for pest control during all three seasons.

Commercial Pest Control

Facility owners and property managers are required to exercise due diligence when keeping their premises clean and free from pest infestations. The presence of pests can trigger an inspection that can damage the reputation of the business. We understand the need to perform our services discretely and effectively. Business clients require maintenance plans to ensure that pests don’t return later in the year. Our protocols are designed to detect, eliminate and maintain the benefits of pest control. Every member of our team is trained to use industry standards when it comes to tools and techniques for pest control.

We can locate and eliminate a variety of pests from your property:

Termagon Termite & Pest Control

Benefit from the experienced providers at our company. We have been providing effective pest control services in this area since 1995. Our experienced pest control providers are fully qualified and trained to perform this work on any type of building. Our company is known for timely and courteous services, and we treat your problem the same way we would treat our own. To get more information about how we can help your home or business remain pest-free all year long, simply contact Termagon today for a free service quote.