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Much like lice or ticks, bed bugs are parasites that feed on your blood while you sleep. Not only are they unsanitary and cause red, itchy bites, but they can be difficult to remove completely from your home. Instead of handling a bed bug infestation on your own, it is beneficial to hire a pest control professional. Keep reading on how you can benefit from calling a professional to get rid of bed bugs

Preventing the Spread

The longer that you wait to treat the issue, the more damage can occur. Bed bugs will continue to spread the longer that they are left untreated. There are options for treating bed bugs on your own, such as washing all bed sheets, comforters, blankets and clothing. Afterward, placing these items in the dryer on high heat is most effective in killing these pests. However, because they can get into your mattress, box spring, electrical outlets and in your walls, it is best practice to stop the spread as soon as possible. Pest control professionals know how to treat extreme cases and will provide effective treatment. 

Professionals Have Guidelines on How to Prepare for Treatment

Once you have a professional determine the severity of the situation, they will then be able to prepare you for treatment. You will be asked to clean your home as well as launder any linens and clothing. You will also need to make sure all pets are removed from the home during treatment. Prepare for several treatments, as it can take multiple visits before the treatment works. 

Receive a Thorough Inspection

Pest control professionals are trained to be thorough in their inspections, as well as knowing how to properly diagnose a solution. Each pest infestation is unique and requires different treatment. A major benefit of hiring a professional to assess your infestation is their ability to see how widespread it is. They can also detect damages done to your property that you may not have noticed. The more that is detected early on, the better you will be able to treat the problem and prevent future issues. 

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