Termites are one of the biggest concerns of homeowners all over the world. They can cause destructive damage to your home in only a short period of time. Catching a termite colony or detecting its activity early on will minimize and prevent massive damage to your home and your wallet. 

Once you know you have a termite infestation, you need to contact a professional immediately. Continue reading to learn when to get a termite inspection. 

When Buying a New Home

A termite inspection must always be part of a real estate purchase. In many cases, it takes several years for a termite colony to cause noticeable damage to your home. Early detection is vital to the safety of your home and property. Plus, if you’re about to purchase a new home, an inspection could prevent you from buying a money pit. 

Before Selling a Home

If you’re trying to sell a home, having a termite inspection done first could alert you to a fixable problem before the buyer finds out. When you take care of the termite problem before the buyers do, you can add repair and pest control costs to your asking price. You don’t want to spend months searching for a buyer, only to lose them when they discover termites in the house. 

In the Spring

During the spring, termites usually multiply, which leads to swarmers. These swarmers are female and male termites known as reproductives. During warmer temperatures of spring, they leave the colony to find a mate and a nesting location, aka your home. 

Once found, they will build a nest and begin mating. They eventually start populating the colony, and that is when you have a real problem on your hands. It’s best to get a termite inspection in the spring because this season is when termites thrive the most. 

In the Late Winter

Late winter is a great time to get a termite inspection. Termites normally aren’t as active in the winter, so you want to catch them before they spread. Get an inspection done during this time. That way a professional can find and stop an infestation before it warms up again, therefore, eliminating them before they reproduce in the warmer months. 

Get a Termite Inspection from Our Experts

Get a termite inspection at least once a year. Regularly having your home inspected will allow you to detect any problems before any home damage occurs. Overall, get an inspection as soon as you notice any signs of their presence. If you need any assistance in eliminating these pests, contact Termagon today!