In most cases, bees are not pests. They pollinate flowers, buzz around and generally do not bother humans unless they are provoked. Wasps, however, are often aggressive and generally lumped into the same category as bees. If you see a few bees around your home or business, it is not a cause for concern. Even the occasional wasp, while unnerving, should be fine.

Unfortunately, sometimes bees and wasps decide to make their nests near, on or even in our homes and businesses. If that’s the case, particularly if you or someone who frequents the location is allergic, you’re going to want to remove them as soon as possible. 

When To Worry

As we mentioned, a few wasps or bees usually are not a problem. It is when there’s a nest, especially in a high traffic area, that you might need to worry about them. If you notice more wasps or bees than usual, keep your eyes open for a nest

Wasps sometimes build papery nests under eaves, and multiple different types of wasps and bees build nests inside of walls if they can. Others build nests underground, which can be difficult to spot until it is too late and you have already disturbed them. 

Exercise caution when you are in an area you suspect contains a bee or wasp nest. Do your best to keep anyone with an allergy away from the area until someone can deal with the nest. Bee stings can result in a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis, which can occur within minutes of a sting and prove fatal. 

Call a Professional

Bees and wasps are challenging to get rid of if you do not have the right equipment. Trying to exterminate them using a pesticide harms the environment, can provoke the bees into attacking and is often only a temporary solution. 

Wasps and bees communicate via pheromones, and there will be some left behind even after you remove the nest. These pheromones can attract more wasps or bees, so you are soon stuck dealing with another nest. 

Rather than attempting to deal with a bee or wasp nest yourself and risking stings, use a professional service. Pest control experts have the equipment, expertise and contacts to remove bees or wasps permanently, sometimes with the option of relocating them rather than killing them.

If you are located in the Tucson, Arizona area, and you have a bee or wasp problem, contact Termagon today to receive a free quote and schedule an inspection.