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Springtime brings rain, warmer weather, and lots of sun, which can all lead to more pests. Here are the top pests that you can expect to see in the springtime.


Ants become very active after winter and once the weather becomes mild again. They begin to search for food, and they will build new anthills in the soft, warm ground. Extreme rain during springtime will typically push ants to look for shelter, which, unfortunately, could be your home. Ants can smell food from quite far away, and they will be attracted to your home if they smell any kind of food debris in your yard. If you grill and have BBQs outside, make sure to clean up after yourself, as this can be the first invitation for these pests. Once they are in your yard, they are more likely to try and venture into your home.


Spring is the start of a new termite season, as termites leave their nests to mate and start new colonies. Heavy springtime rain makes for perfect termite breeding grounds. These pests are very attracted to moist, dark places and decaying rotting wood. To keep them away from your home, get rid of any wood debris you may have around your home and in your garage.


Flies reach their maturity in springtime. They will begin to fly around while looking for food and shelter. They are particularly attracted to sweet, sticky food and drinks. To ensure they do not come around your home, clean up any food residue in your garage and in your backyard.


Many kinds of spiders hibernate during winter and begin to come out in early springtime. They will be hungry and looking for prey immediately. Spiders are attracted to other small insects, which they eat. To keep spiders out of your home, you first need to scare off the small insects. Basically, just keep your home clean and your yard free of food debris and items like old wood and pet droppings. This will lessen the likelihood of small insects being attracted to your home.

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