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Every year, at least 82 percent of American homes have a problem with pests of one kind or another. While ants aren’t the most dangerous pests in the world, they’re certainly the most common. Here are a few tips to keep ants at bay this spring.

Clean Your Home’s Interior Often

It goes without saying that ants are attracted to the food crumbs you’ll find in pretty much any kitchen in the country. Vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors on a regular basis will go a long way towards reducing the likelihood of an infestation.

Install Plants That Ants Can’t Stand

With a little creative landscaping, you can transform your yard into a formidable barrier that discourages ant colony proliferation. Chrysanthemums, spearmint and citronella grass are all proven ant repellents. If you like to grow produce, garlic is another plant species that ants can’t seem to stand.

Fumigate All Residential Spaces

When ant colonies establish a firm beachhead inside your home, getting rid of them via conventional methods is a tall order. If you need to fumigate, spring is the best time to nip burgeoning problems in the bud by hiring a professional pest control company to spray for ants.

Manage Interior Humidity Levels

Over the years, an abundance of rigorous clinical studies have demonstrated that ants thrive in moist climates for the most part. That’s why it’s so important to monitor moisture levels closely. Use automated de-humidifiers to keep dark spaces dry and living spaces like bedrooms fairly comfortable.

Carefully Seal Up Ingress Points

Due to their size and tenacity, ants can exploit even the smallest cracks in the exterior of your home. That’s why caulking windows, doors and corner boards is so crucial. Pay special attention to the foundation and sill plates when plugging up gaps.

Apply Natural Insect Repellents

Believe it or not, organic compounds can be just as powerful as artificial chemicals when it comes to day-to-day ant deterrence. Mixing equal parts water and white vinegar will produce a kitchen counter cleaner that can effectively ward off ants in the short term.

Eliminate Anthills in the Yard

When spring rolls around, it’s beneficial to go on the offensive by destroying anthills as they form around your property. Dump a liberal amount of cornmeal or hot soapy water into any hills that you encounter to prevent ants from gaining a foothold.

The Never-Ending Battle Against Ants

Like it or not, there’s no “magic bullet” that will solve all of your ant problems permanently. However, you can greatly minimize the annoyance and damage that ant infestations cause with the simple suggestions covered here in brief.