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As a small business owner, you are dealing with far too many ‘what if’s’, and protecting your business from pests during lockdown should not leave you feeling uncertain. Surprisingly, you can protect your business from bugs and other pestilent threats with ease–and without spending more than a few dollars.

Deep Clean

Before closing your temporary doors, we suggest you deep clean your office or retail space thoroughly. Sweep and mop the floors, wipe down the counters and tables/display cases, and place ant/roach/rodent traps strategically throughout the space. Cleaning prior to adhering to lockdown procedures will offer you peace of mind while you’re worried about financial and long term goals for your shuttered business. No business owner wants to be greeted by colonies of pests when they’re eager to reopen.

Remove All Food & Drink

This might be a given but removing old or even recently purchased food or drink from the kitchen or break room spaces will drastically reduce the number of invasive pests. Though you just bought that powdered creamer or that bag of sugar or that box of crackers, you cannot leave it behind for rodents, ants, or cockroaches to find. Left to their own devices, these pests will find these items and tell all their friends about them, even if they seem sealed. Your best bet is to remove all food and drink items from cupboards and refrigerators prior to lockdown. If your business has a commercial kitchen, adhere to food safety protocols for storing and disposing of food items.

Take Out the Trash

Another given, right? Take out the trash. That means removing all trash from the premises–and then cleaning/bleaching the trash cans. Sounds simple, doesn’t it. Unfortunately, too many think that non-food items such as paper are safe to leave behind. This isn’t true. Rodents love using paper as nesting materials, and there aren’t people around to stop them, they will find what they need in your office. As pest control professionals, we at Termagon have dealt with many occasions where pests have invited themselves in, made themselves at home, and can be difficult to remove.

Once lockdown enforcement has been lifted, you will be glad you’ve protected your business from the pests that can make getting back to business almost impossible. Protecting your business from pest during lockdown should be a priority, and if you need pest control services once you return, please do not hesitate to contact Termagon Termite & Pest Control Services.