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Pests are bothersome creatures, whether they are in your home, yard or garden. Further, many pests can cause untold amounts of damage in and around your home. The best way to deal with unwanted pests is to control their presence and eliminate them from the area. Chemical-based pesticides are a popular method for controlling pests. But, they are not always the best choice, as they can be caustic and can also be harmful to you and your family. Here are a few natural pest repellents that can help you get rid of your pest problem without causing damage to your home, yard or family.

Citronella Candles

Citronella has been used to ward off mosquitoes in backyards for decades for good reason. They have an appealing scent for humans, but they effectively keep mosquitoes away. These candles are non-toxic and contain no chemicals, so they are safe to use around your family and pets. Plus, they often come in attractive containers that fit with any decor.

Hot Pepper Spray

Homemade pepper spray has proven to be a fantastic pest repellent for the garden. You can create this mixture by combining one gallon of water with either three tablespoons of hot pepper flakes or 10 finely-chopped hot peppers. Simmer this mixture on the stovetop for 15 minutes and then let it sit for 24 hours and then strain it. Finally, add a few drops of dish soap so the liquid adheres to the plant leaves. Then, it is ready to spray throughout your garden. 

Coffee Grounds

The love of coffee is reserved for humans. Insects and other pests detest it. Thankfully, you can recycle your used coffee grounds and use them as a deterrent for pests. This method is particularly good for keeping your home free from ants, as coffee grounds are fatal to them. All you need to do is scatter the grounds around your house anywhere that pests may emerge. They will either die from ingesting them or the aroma will keep them away.

Traps and Lures

Traps and lures are great options for keeping pests out of your house and yard. These options catch animals but allow you to release them in a different location without ever causing harm to it. They work by having an attractive object, likely food, placed in the trap. When the animal goes to retrieve it, the door closes, trapping the animal inside. It is an excellent option for those who want to ensure animals are not harmed during removal.

You have several options for getting rid of pests naturally and keeping them at bay. If you are in Arizona and have questions regarding natural pest repellents and which option might be right for you, or if you need help removing pests from your property, contact Termagon today.