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Termite damage can appear in many forms. It can look like buckling ceilings and walls, or like mazes in wooden beams. Termites can create mud tunnels on the foundation of your home. They can also leave destruction that looks like water damage in their wake. No matter what it looks like, damage created by termites needs to be addressed immediately. Termites weaken the structures they infest, which makes those structures unsafe. Fortunately, recovery from such an infestation is possible. Here’s what to do.

Addressing Minimal Damage

Surface-level termite damage is considered to be fairly minor. If the termites have not reached the core of the infested material, the integrity of the structure may still be safe. That means this type of damage is pretty simple to take care of, and usually doesn’t require professional help. To fix this damage, you’ll set out to harden the wood, which makes it termite-resistant. You can use a wood treatment adhesive called a hardener to fill cracks and holes left by termites. Hardeners come in different strengths and are designed for different types of wood, so assess the severity of the problem before purchasing some. Wood sealers will also work. This material kills the termite colony by cutting off the air supply.

Advanced Damage

When termites have actually penetrated the damaged material, greater care is required. Evidence of this includes lots of termite feces and trails, usually in irregular lines. While this isn’t the worst form of infestation, it is a greater concern than the surface-level damage. If the damage is not addressed, it can cause major problems for your home down the line.

To take care of this problem, start by chiseling away the infested surface. After scraping that damage away, sand the area until smooth. Next, use wood filler to reinforce the damaged area. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging of your wood filler in order for your project to be successful. Polish the filled area to seal the filler to the wood, and wipe the repaired area regularly during wet periods to protect against further damage.

Severe Damage

If there are wooden structures in your home that appear to have worse damage than what’s described, you may need to replace or reinforce those areas. This is best done by a professional contractor with termite damage experience. Before contacting them, get in touch with Termagon Termite and Pest Control to exterminate the colony first. Once there are no signs of termites, the recovery can begin.