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A big nesting and breeding area for pests are kitchens. Kitchens have easy and quick access to food and water, which is essential for insects and rodents to survive. So, it is no surprise that the kitchen is a pest control warzone. Before your home becomes infested with pesky insects and rodents, check out these few ways of keeping pests out of your kitchen.

Clean Your Sink Daily

Sinks are the perfect breeding and feeding ground for pests. Many pests prefer standing water and can even swim. A full sink of water can create swarms of fruit flies, mosquitoes, and cockroaches overnight. You can avoid pest problems by cleaning your sink daily. Cleaning your sink involves washing all your dishes right away, draining any standing water, scrubbing the walls of the sink, and cleaning your disposal. By keeping your sink clean, you are preventing your home from becoming a pest paradise.

Seal All Containers

Mice and other pests love loosely stored food. Many pests can easily chew through cardboard boxes. The best way to avoid rodents and insects from reaching your food is to store it all in airtight plastic or glass containers. Airtight plastic or glass containers will not only make it more difficult for the pests to chew through but will also hide any food scents. To prevent pests from entering your home, pest control services recommend keeping your pantry and refrigerator tidy and clean at all times.

Close Trash Bins

Pests are not only attracted to fresh food but rotten food as well. Owning a trash bin with a lid will help you in the long run by keeping pests out of your kitchen. Many people store open trash cans under the sink, but despite popular belief, small pests can crawl or fly into small cracks and holes. A closed trash bin will make it harder for pests to smell food scents.

Store Uneaten Food

Between work and taking care of your family, it can be hard to clear uneaten food or messes immediately. But leftover foods and spills attract pests right away. Whenever you finish eating or spot any messes in your kitchen, quickly clear it all. Routinely cleaning messes or spills and storing uneaten food will keep pests far away

By daily cleaning your sink, sealing all containers, closing trash cans, and storing uneaten food, you will keep pests at bay. To learn how Termagon Termite and Pest Control can help you fight pest issues, contact us today.