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Although they might not appear to have any kind of positive value for the home or for the exterior of the home, there are a few types of spiders that are good to have around. On the other hand, there are spiders that you want to remove from the home as soon as you see them as they can bite and make you very ill. When you’re looking at whether a spider is good or bad, you should pay attention to where the spiders are located and what they tend to eat because these elements can sometimes give an indication as to whether they are good or bad.

A daddy longlegs is a type of spider that usually won’t bother to hurt you even if you pick him up in your hand. He’s there to seek out something to drink and to get rid of the other insects in the home. A domestic house spider can be identified because of the V-shape on its abdomen. It’s light brown in color and usually lurks around faucets or even in the tub. They are also usually seen in dark areas of the house, such as the basement or in closets. They spin webs that look like funnels. If they do nip at you, the bite is harmless. A jumping house spider is similar in appearance and tends to jump around from time to time, especially if it feels threatened. They are usually gray to light brown in color and enjoy hiding in closets and in drapes or cracks. 

When you see the benefit of spiders in the home, you need to pay attention to some of the spiders that aren’t as friendly. The hobo spider is similar in appearance to the domestic house spider. They can’t see that well and don’t like to be disturbed. They can’t climb that well, so they are usually found in basements. A black widow is a spider that you don’t want to have in the home because the bite can be deadly, at least a bite from a female. The brown recluse is another type of spider that can have a deadly bite. Most venomous spiders only attack people if they feel threatened. 

If you don’t want to deal with spiders on your own, then contact a company like Termagon to solve issues with pests. Products used to get rid of spiders are usually safe for people in the home as well as pets.

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