The summer months are a great time to have pest control treatments and inspections as many pests are active during this time of the year. If you have a serious pest infestation, such as bees, this is the time to take care of it. It is also important to prepare for the upcoming months when pests make their nests for the winter and become dormant. However, summer is also a month that can be full of rain and thunderstorms. You may be wondering if this will affect treatments. Keep reading to discover if rain will wash away pest control treatments. 

Rain Does Not Negatively Affect Treatments

In most cases, rain does not affect pest control treatments. In fact, sometimes rain or wet conditions can help to activate the treatment, such as granular insecticides. As moisture helps to soften the ground, it allows for the pest control treatment to be absorbed by the soil. Therefore, the treatment is soaked into the ground providing a barrier between your home and the pests above and below the earth’s surface. Many treatments are placed along the boundaries of the home such as around doors and windows. These areas are usually protected by overhangs or gutter systems, so those treatments will not even be touched by the rain.

Moisture Increases Pest Activity

Rain typically brings pests out of hiding and to the surface. As this is the case, the treatment will then become more effective as pests will walk through the poisonous treatment. Rain or shine should not determine whether or not the treatment, as they are designed to work in all weather conditions. 

If you discover that you have a pest infestation, do not hesitate to contact the pest control professionals for help. Many pests are nearly impossible to get rid of on your own, or it could be dangerous to handle on your own. Be assured that pest control treatments are able to withstand wet and dry weather conditions, so you don’t need to be concerned about summer rain storms washing them away. Contact Termagon Termite & Pest Control, Inc. today.