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Summer’s around the corner. Soon ants will be coming to a home near you. A few ants can be a bother but can also be a sign of an infestation. Quicker than a sunburn, you have an ant problem. Spotting ants early and knowing what to look for will prevent an annoyance from becoming traumatic. Before you panic from an ant in the butter, find out if you have a bigger problem.

Can You Spot an Ant Nest?

Most ant colonies outside can be spotted easily by small fresh piles of dirt or soil. You will see these piles in between patio pavers or concrete slabs. They are the entrance to nests which can be quite complex. There may be more than one entrance, so make sure to look around.

Wood-chewing ants, like the carpenter ant, enjoy moist timber. Small piles of sawdust around dead logs or old wood note their proximity. But ants also prefer dark cool places like under your floor or within the wall of your home. They are not easily seen unless you go searching for them.

How can you know if ants are in your wall framing or floor foundation? Place your ear to your floor or wall and listen. If you have an infestation, you’ll hear them munching around. Then it’s time to call some experts to take care of the issue.

Suddenly You Have Half-a-Million House Guests

A few ants on your dinnerware is no cause for alarm. But a colony of ants can grow as large as 500,000. Find where they are coming in from before it becomes an unwanted house party. Start by tricking the ants into showing you their hiding spot. Place a small pile of sugar or a spot of honey where you see one or two crawling around. If they have buddies, more will soon show up.

Most times, you can trace the trail back to their home. But if they seem to be coming from everywhere, then there is another trick. Simply get close and blow air on the little guys. They will form a beeline straight back to their home. Remediate where you can and spray them with house detergent but leave that honey pot sugar pile for one more day to see if you have a bigger problem.

Knowing you have an infestation or just some sight-seeing stragglers can be the difference in fixing the problem yourself or calling a professional. If you have questions, contact the folks at Termagon Termite and Pest Control. They are experts in our area and can address any ant issues you have.