If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night and found yourself covered in red, itchy bumps, bed bugs were probably the first thing that came to mind. In most cases, bed bugs are the culprit. But, just because you spot a bug in your bed or even have bitemarks doesn’t mean you have bed bugs. 

In fact, other pests are misidentified as bed bugs all the time—especially if they’re bloodsuckers. To help you understand a little more about bed bugs, here are the top pests that are frequently mistaken for them. 


Many people mistake these jumping pests for bed bugs because they frequently attack individuals while on the bed. Fleas are notorious for hitching a ride on your pet. And if you don’t mind your furry friends hanging out on your bed, the chances of these fleas sticking around on your pillows and bedding increases significantly. However, the main difference between bed bugs and fleas is that fleas literally jump from host to host, while bed bugs make themselves at home in your furniture, bedding, clothing and carpet. 


Another pest that people mistake bed bugs for are ticks. Just like fleas or bed bugs, ticks feed on the blood of their host. Ticks are also as small as bed bugs or fleas, but the main difference is that these pests latch onto their victims. Ticks will latch on for days at a time, embedding their head into your skin if not removed right away—something bed bugs won’t do. 

Carpet Beetles

When taking a closer look at carpet beetles, they look nothing like bed bugs. The commonality the two creatures share is they both leave irritating, itchy red marks on their victims. Carpet larvae shells also look similar to bed bug eggshells. These beetles also prefer similar hiding areas as bed bugs like carpets or rugs. 

Baby Cockroaches

At first glance, a baby cockroach and bed bug look very similar. Both are small and brown and leave feces wherever they go. However, cockroaches get larger and do not bite. They also do not have to be around furniture, clothing or bedding to find their new nesting ground. Instead, you can find them anywhere around the house. 


Many people who wake up with an itchy head may think they have bed bugs. But in reality, they have lice. Bed bugs bite any exposed skin, which includes the head. However, they also will bite anywhere else where exposed skin shows (arms, legs, feet, etc.). Lice, on the other hand, are only found in hair—typically the scalp. 

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