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If you have pests inside your home, you should take immediate action to prevent them from finding sources of food. Pests that find food can lay eggs, and then you could face the nightmare of having a full infestation inside your home. Pantries are one of the main areas inside a home where pests look for food, so you should take steps to prevent pests from getting into your food supply. By taking the right steps to keep pests away from your food, you can keep your family safe and avoid attracting pests to your home in the future.

1. Cover Food Items

Pests often enter a home when they can smell the scent of food. You should keep your food sealed with plastic bags and airtight containers that will eliminate smells that can attract pests. If food does not come with resealable packaging, avoid using rubber bands or bag clips since aromas can escape through small openings. When pests cannot smell food outside your pantry, it is unlikely that they will take the time to crawl inside looking for something to eat.

2. Seal Entry Holes

Although pests may seem to appear out of nowhere, the reality is that they cannot enter your home unless they find an entry hole. Sealing entry holes will reduce the chances of pests entering your property in search of food. Pests often rely on small cracks under doors or windows to enter your home. You should also try to seal every opening that you can find in your pantry so that pests cannot get to your food. Additionally, sealants can reduce the strength of smells that attract pests to your pantry.

3. Put Away Uneaten Food

Many people who struggle with pest problems have a habit of leaving food out that can attract pests. When your home has a history of attracting pests, food that people commonly leave out, such as cakes or fruits, has to be put away to avoid attracting unwanted visitors. Placing food on elevated surfaces, such as on tables or on the top of your refrigerator, is often not enough to keep pests away. When you put away food, the chances of pests entering your property and searching through your pantry will be reduced.

4. Treat Your Pantry

Safe chemical treatments are the most effective way to eliminate pests in your pantry. Treatments can kill existing pests while discouraging future pests from entering your pantry. Many of the available treatments are safe in food pantries as long as you remove your food before the treatment is applied. In order to treat your pantry safely and effectively, you will need to work with a professional exterminator. Chemical treatments will thoroughly eliminate pest problems in your pantry.

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